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Hi guys!

I want to update the firmware from an external flash memory but I have not found any documentation on how I can do it.
I have an hex file and I know that I can get the flash row and row size from the hex so I can write correctly on the internal flash, but how do I get this information from the hex file?


Kind regards.

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The easiest way to program a PSoC is with Kitprog or Miniprog.  Using an external FLASH is not the normal route to program a PSoC.  That's why you don't find any documentation using this method.

Assuming you have GPIO's available to read the external FLASH chip... (parallel bus, I2C, SPI, what-ever):

You'll want to start with this document on programming via SWD.  It provides many-many details of the FLASH programming sequences (even though, assuming, you won't be using SWD), and HEX file format description.
CY8C4xxx, CYBLxxxx Programming specification (

Then, read the PSoC 4 System Reference Guide for FLASH API's.
PSoC 4 System Reference Guide (

That should get you started.

Good luck with your project.

Hi @BiBi_1928986 !

Thank you for the quick response.

I use miniprog , but since what we are developing is going to be a product that can have an update, we have to make the update remotely, so we are sending a FW update through BLE and saving at an external flash and then we will update the module with the new FW.

Thank you for the links, I will though it!



I've not used PSoC 4 with BLE so I don't have good knowledge for updates over the air.

There are many-many discussions on this forum on over the air updates.  Do a search here and you might find a thread discussing an external FLASH update method.

Another excellent document is app-note AN84858.  You might find the section on Hex File Parser useful.
PSoC 4 Programming Using an External Microcontroller (HSSP) (


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