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Hi @ll,

I am pleased to announce that from now the free FORTH Mecrisp-Stellaris in the latest version 2.4.2 for the Eva-Kit-049 with the PSoC cy8c4245azi is available for download.

See: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mecrisp/files/      >>> mecrisp-stellaris-2.4.2 for cy8c4245axi.zip

So currently supported three Eva-Kids: -049, -050 and -059.

See also: >>> mecrisp-stellaris-2.4.2 for cy8c5868axi.zip and mecrisp-stellaris-2.4.2 for cy8c5888lti.zip

Another porting for the Eva-Kit-043 is for now in progress. The porting for the PSoC 6 is also planned. With this FORTH-pagage it is possible to test all C-applications interactively without debugger. The Kernel have integrated an interpreter and compiler. The Compiler is extendabel in FORTH itself.

If you would like to know more about FORTH, you will find the classic Starting-FORTH and Thinking-FORTH by Leo Brodie:



The Definition of ANS FORTH you can find here: http://lars.nocrew.org/dpans/dpans.htm

If you want to know more about Mecrisp-Stellaris you are right here:


Have fun


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