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PSoC™ 4

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I am using the CY8C4248LQI-BL483. I managed to get the EEPROM example "PSoC_EmEEPROM_PSOC401" up and running on my MCU, and I can see the reset count printing out a higher number after each reset.

However, I copy-pasted the code from main.c into my own custom project which has a bootloader and bootable/upgradable stack. When I run the project now the read EEPROM lines only load 0x00 into the array. The end result of this is that nothing prints out. What am I missing? Does the Emulated EEPROM not work with a bootloader?

//Small section of code:

        DBG_PRINTF("Writing updated count\n\r");

        /*Only update the two count values in the EEPROM*/

        eepromReturnValue = Em_EEPROM_1_Write(RESET_COUNT_LOCATION, &eepromArray[RESET_COUNT_LOCATION], RESET_COUNT_SIZE);

        if(eepromReturnValue != CY_EM_EEPROM_SUCCESS)




    DBG_PRINTF("Reading updated value\n\r");

    eepromReturnValue = Em_EEPROM_1_Read(LOGICAL_EEPROM_START, eepromArray, LOGICAL_EEPROM_SIZE);

    if(eepromReturnValue != CY_EM_EEPROM_SUCCESS)


    /*Print EEPROM contents to console*/

    eepromArray[LOGICAL_EEPROM_SIZE] = '\0';

    DBG_PRINTF((char *)eepromArray);


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Bootloader and bootloadable projects have checksum validation to ensure image integrity. As Emulated EEPROM updates the flash content, the checksum vary over life. So user needs to follow one of the approaches mentioned in Using the Emulated EEPROM Component in a Bootloadable Project - KBA89149

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