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Hi everyone,

I have a CY8C4248LQI-BL583 and is a PSOC 4 BLE module.  I only use the BLE in advertisement mode, so it does not need to form a connection with a central node. However, I want to set my BLE to advertise and scan every 10 seconds, and I use the Real Time Clock (RTC), for this. The RTC also serves to create date and time stamps for my application. I also want my application to consume as less power as possible, therefore, if I place my BLE device in deep sleep mode doe the RTC remain active or is it affected? Can I use the RTC to get in and out of sleep mode, similar to the WDT?

To my understanding the RTC uses the WCO and according to the following Table below (from application note AN86233) the WCO remains on in deep sleep mode.


Thank you!

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