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We have plan to create a circular trackpad using PSoC4.

Can Cypress provide us a recommended sensor pattern as single layer?

A typical trackpad sensor uses diamond pattern, but we cannot configure vias because we plan to use PC (polycarbonate) for the substrate.

Therefore, we cannot use diamond pattern due to bridge and the sensor pattern and layer must be a single layer.

Requirement of trackpad is as follows;

- HW;

   - Overlay : 1mm (material is PC)

   - Sensor A/A : Φ 67mm

   - Sensor pattern : TBD Ask to Cypress as the above

   - Substrate : PC (Film)

- Device : PSoC4000S series

- FW;

   - # of finger : 1

   - Finger size : Φ 8mm

   - Support gesture (Tap, Double tap, Swipe)

   - Accuracy : TBD (expectation is < 2mm)

   - Linearity : TBD (expectation is < 2mm)

   - Sensing method : Mutual or Self or Hybrid

Let me know if you need more information.

Best regards,

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