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We are using PSoC 4200L in a streaming data acquisition application. We send data on an isochronous USB endpoint to the host PC. We are using CyUSB3.sys and CyAPI.lib. We are seeing driver stability issues when we repeatedly start/stop isochronous sessions (individual sessions seem to be stable). In particular, the Windows 10 driver seems to be less stable than Windows 7. We are using the version 1.3.4 driver.

We are following the examples in the CyAPI document for using isochronous transfers, using BeginDataXfer(), WaitForXfer(), and FinishDataXfer().

The stability symptoms are kernel panic (BSOD) and data corruption. In particular, the shorter the time between stopping a session and starting another one, the higher the probability of a problem with the new session. With delay less than 180ms, there is guaranteed to be a problem. Increasing the delay over 1 second reduces the probability to about 1 in 100.

Any suggestions?

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