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Hello everyone,

I have some question regarding bluetooth connection speed using Cypress CYBLE devices.

My application uses two CYBLE devices.

The peripheral is powered permanently. Advertising all the time, custom characteristics implemented

The central is a coin-cell powered device (Remote control fob) , which remains in hibernate all the time, until an external interrupt (push-button) wakes the device.

Once woken up, it reconnects to the previsouly paired / connected device.

I'm seeing quite some latency when ronnecting and writing 1 characteristic (4Byte). It takes 2 to 3 seconds.

As my application stores the peripheral MAC address in external I2C EEPROM, I'm skipping the scan process, and I'm directly connecting using  "CyBle_GapcConnectDevice(..)"

I'd like to speed up this process, What to look out for?  Any suggestions?

Kind regards,


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Hello Florian,

-> Are you also skipping the Service Discovery Procedure ? Since , you know the characteristics handle and you can directly write to it without service discovery.

-> Run the CPU at Highest Speed (48MHz)

-> While building the project select the compiler optimization to 'Speed'( In the project build setting -Right Click on Project -> Build Setting)

-> Remove, if you are using any UART debug prints.