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we've recently upgraded one of our projects from using PSoC Creator 4.1 with BLE component version 3.40 to PSoC Creator 4.2 with BLE component version 3.53.

The BLE component is configured as a server which should be (and previously was) discoverable by any capable device.

However we later discovered that after the transition it stopped working for the Android 8 phones we tested, while it still works with older Android phones as well as iOS and macOS devices. On Android 8 it doesn't show up on either the CySmart App or not even on the OS level.

We did not change anything in the component settings. I've attached some settings for reference.

Any ideas where the problem might be?



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Could you please share your project workspace?

Also, the latest BLE component version available is 3.54. Could you update the BLE component further and test ?