CYBLE-014008-00 KitProg2 connection issue

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Good day,

I have developed a wireless switch to detect for a change in magnetic field for a Science experiment.

I have done up the prototype PCB and have 3 boards assembled.

Of these 3 boards, only 1 board is able to be detected by KitProg2 and can be program and debug with no issue.

Power check for the other 2 boards shows no issue.

I have attached the design that I have and would like to know if there is any issue with the design

Alternatively, you may also advice other possible areas that I can check.

For your advice.

Thank you & Best Regards,

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Can you please tell us why are you connecting the VREF to 3.3 volts? If you are using ADC and if you need 3.3 volts reference, you can select VDDA as reference to ADC directly.

Can you do a simple swap test of modules between the working boards and non-working baords? This will tell whether the issue is present with boards or modules.

Please ensure that the connection between the Kitprog and your board is proper. Keep the length of the wire connections as small as possible. Also, keep the wire lengths uniform.




Good day Ganesh,

Thank you for your reply.

There is no specific use for ADC currently. Just connecting it to the supply line in case I need it.

It is not easy to swap modules as I need to get an external party to solder it.

I am also afraid that after swapping, the working board may end up not working too.

I have used Kitprog2 to connect and debug 2 other design with CYBLE-014008-00 too.

Those boards do not have any issue.connecting to the Kitprog.

I encounter issue with this latest design and hence need to seek advice on the possible issues.

Thank you.