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Hi. Just received the CY8CKIT-148 inductive sensing evaluation kit and the out of the box experience is quite poor.

Touch of the center PROXIMITY pad works - LED7 lights ON / OFF.

Use of the Cypress black metal plate on PROXIMITY pad works to light up the LEDS4..6.

BTN1 (metal) works once in a while to light up LED1. BTN2 & BTN3 do not work at all to light up LED2 and LED3, respectively.

Is there new firmware for testing? Will review but TI solution is much more stable but due to a specific need, reviewing the 4700S.

Also, this kit is based on KITPROG2? Not KITPROG3? Will try to hunt down the tools to upgrade this firmware which we believe to be stale.

Welcome any feedback on allowing us to validate the quality of BTN1..BTN3 so we can move to our code development.

Update (after toying with this for 30 minutes) - summary - Kit has out dated firmware.

To assist future readers (competitors):

1) Ran PSOC programmer -> the tool complained that the Kitprog2 is "out of date". Sure but just bought this new from Arrow..

Utilities tab -> Upgrade firmware button was greyed out.

Reviewed this webpage (thanks element14!!) and noted the similarity of the firmware issues.


Pressed SW1 MODE switch and bingo, the Upgrade firmware button is no longer grey and available for my use.

2) Navigated to File -> File load -> go to folder with the (CY8CKIT-148) CE222867_MagSense_With_Feedback_LEDs.hex file -> File -> Program. After a few seconds, all works well.

PS: For our box, C:\Users\lab\Downloads\CY8CKIT-148 PSoC 4700S Inductive Sensing Evaluation Kit Code Examples was the selected folder.

Now we are good to start our real review.

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