CY8CKIT-041-41XX using CapSense tuner with gestures

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I have the CY8CKIT-041-41XX, which uses a PSoC 4100S which should support CapSense gestures.  This kit includes a trackpad.  I have tried enabling the gestures for the trackpad, but when I run the Tuner, no gestures are ever detected.  Also, it seems that the scan rate of the trackpad is too slow to reliably detect quick gestures.  Is it possible to use gestures with this kit?  Is this as fast as CapSense can scan a trackpad?

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To optimize device power consumption and provide an optimum touch response, this code example implements two power

modes: Fast Scan mode and Slow Scan mode. When the user is interacting with the trackpad or button sensors, the device is

in the Fast Scan mode; when the sensors are inactive for a specific duration, the Slow Scan mode is used. In the Fast Scan

mode, all the trackpad sensors and button sensors are scanned at a refresh rate of 50 Hz and the I2C buffer is updated with

trackpad XY coordinates and button sensor status. This mode provides an optimum touch response but consumes higher

power when compared to the Slow Scan mode.

In the Slow Scan mode, the trackpad column sensors and two button sensors are ganged and scanned as a single sensor at a

refresh rate of 6 Hz. The Slow Scan mode consumes a lower average power but provides a slower touch response. The

watchdog timer is used to periodically wake up the device from the deep-sleep mode at a refresh rate of 50 Hz in the Fast

Scan mode and 6 Hz in the Slow Scan mode.

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Try after disabling the sync'd read option in Tuner.

This option should be enabled when you are trying to monitor noise in rawcounts or if you want to change CapSense configuration parameters from tuner, but enabling this option increases the time that CPU spends in executing CapSense_RunTuner() API, which may be slowing down other functions.