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Looking on Digikey, I cannot understand why there is a large price difference for parts in the same family, but using different packaging. For example,


CY8C4247FNI-BL483 is $1.04545 in 1,000 qty

CY8C4247LQI-BL483 is $4.23150 in 1,000 qty

Why is the QFN part 4x the price of the BGA part?

Low cost PCB prototyping companies in China (JLCPCB, PCBGoGo, etc) cannot do vias in BGA pads and require trace width/spacing of > 3.5mil, hence I cannot use the FNI part. I created a PCB with the FNI part, but it was rejected by these companies. Is there a part I can use that is close to $1 in 1,000 or higher qty?



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