Best Terminal Emulator to use with PSoC Creator

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I need your opinion(s) on terminal emulator programs that you use with your Creator projects.

I've been using PuTTy and have had no difficulty with Creator 4.2 and the CY8CKIT-042 Pioneer Kit.

However, my students have run into an irritating phenomenon that happens with no regular pattern.  The phenomenon we see is that the single line of output from their program keeps repeating over and over - filling the screen,....  

We've checked -- this is not an infinite loop in their program.  The "fixes" which work are in order...

(1) switch to a different USB port  - (not always possible with newer laptops).

(2) Close and restart Creator.

(3) Turn off and then turn the computer back on.

(4) Run your program on a different PSoC eval board.

This issue seems to occur only with PuTTy which was chosen primarily because it's "no cost".  

So -- I'm asking for any recommendations and/or experiences you've had with terminal emulators.




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I use Hyperterminal and TeraTerm.  Both work well and both have scripting capability.

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the issue is the way you are sending messages to the serial port, if the program is only sending lines with \n\r at the end that is what you are telling it to do, maybe you need to control the timings of the printout sequences.

you can make a really insightful terminal output with escape codes (using comands)

here are some examples:

#define UART_CLEARSCRN "\33[2J" //Clear entire screen
#define UART_CURSORHOME "\33[H" //cursor to top left
#define UART_RESETSCRN "\33[2J\33[H" //cursor to top left

#define UART_CLEARLINE "\33[2K" 
#define UART_CLEAR_EOL "\33[K"
#define UART_MOVEUP "\033[A"
#define UART_DHTOP "\33#3" //Double-height letters, top half
#define UART_DHBOT "\33#4" //Double-height letters, bottom half
#define UART_SWSH "\33#5" //Single width, single height letters
#define UART_DWSH "\33#6" //Double width, single height letters
#define UART_FBOLD "\33[1m" //Font to bold
#define UART_FCLEAR "\33[m" //Font clear format

#define UART_FRED "\033[0;31m" //

UART_UartPutString("I2C TESTER\n\r");
UART_UartPutString("I2C TESTER\n\n\r");

 you can control where the cursor is going to write, what color do you want to be printed

Putty is a great tool I have never had issues with it.

I reccomend this version of putty extraputty 

hope this helps

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I can't speak for other terminal programs but if you are interested, I've provided a terminal program written in C# and uploaded to the "Code Examples" forum.

It has additional features not available in other term programs such as plotting.  It also has the ability to save screen logs and plot data to .csv or .png.

Because it is source code written in C# under Visual Studio 2019, you can modify it yourself to your specific needs.  Note: Visual Studio 2019 Express is 'free'.

Here's a link to the source:  PC-Terminal-Program-with-C-Source-Code 

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The one that Len has there is nice and has some spiffy features for logging and plotting.  Including source code is also nice if you have a specific feature you want to add.

Personally I find myself using AccessPort most frequently.  It's fairly basic in terms of features, but I like that I can easily queue up raw hex bytes as well as ASCII characters to send all at once.

Bray Terminal is another that I use sometimes which has some nice features like macro buttons.  It also has graphing features, but I haven't really used them.

Yet Another Terminal (YAT) is another one I've seen around, but haven't used that much.  It looks to have some nice features though in terms of logging, macros and customizing the view.


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I use Hyperterminal and TeraTerm.  Both work well and both have scripting capability.