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PSoC™ 4

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Hello! I am using a CY8C4A45PVI analog coprossesor and I am trying to put a Switched capacitor filter on my design in PSoC Creator 4.4 , but I have this error: 'Error: fit.M0050: The fitter aborted due to errors, please address all errors and rebuild. (App=cydsfit)'.
I was looking for a solution in the forum and I found that this component works on PSoC Creator 4.2. So, I installed that version, but when I look for the device, the CY8C4A45PVI is not there. Also, I can't find any PSoC 4 with Analog Blocks in that list.
How can I design a Switched capacitor filter in the CY8C4A45PVI Analog coprocessor?

Attached examples of the web that do not work in PSoC creator 4.4


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In the top line of Creator, go to Tools, then Find New Devices.
If that doesn't work, contact me directly, dennis.seguine@infineon.com and I'll get more help
from the software guys.

---- Dennis

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