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Discussion Forum regarding Clocks topics.

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Hello, I am trying to read and program the CY22393FXC, i need to get a programmer that is able to do those operations but im not sure which one will b... Show More
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Is any possibility, to detect RX transceiver on a E1 multiframe structure channel shifted? and if so, is someway to synchronize TX according to channe... Show More
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Hi All,

Does TDA5240 support KEELOQ protocol?

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Please provide MSL Level for the above part if Applicable.




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I want to configure the TLE9561's specific frame wake-up configuration. After following the steps below to configure the TLE9561, the phenomenon is st... Show More
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Hi,  I have ordered CY8C9520A for 20 bit IO Expander, The problem is that I can't find anything in the datasheet for basic circuit setup and testing. ... Show More
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Hello everyone, I recently came across news suggesting that the upcoming iPhone 15 will replace the Lightning port with USB-C. What are your thoughts ... Show More
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greetings according to cy3600i datasheet, ISR Programming software release 2.2 is required to program FLASH370i CPLDs. we could not find setup file an... Show More
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This is my first time posting. Please note that participation itself may be inappropriate for beginners in electronic circuits. I am interested in the... Show More
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Hi, I'm looking for an Intel Microprocessor 8-bit bus interface converter/bridge to SPI that I'll implement at the FPGA in order to convert the FALC56... Show More
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