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Discussion Forum regarding Clocks topics.

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Is any possibility, to detect RX transceiver on a E1 multiframe structure channel shifted? and if so, is someway to synchronize TX according to channe... Show More
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Please provide MSL Level for the above part if Applicable.




Other Technologies General
Hi,  I have ordered CY8C9520A for 20 bit IO Expander, The problem is that I can't find anything in the datasheet for basic circuit setup and testing. ... Show More
Other Technologies General
Hello everyone, I recently came across news suggesting that the upcoming iPhone 15 will replace the Lightning port with USB-C. What are your thoughts ... Show More
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Hi, I'm looking for an Intel Microprocessor 8-bit bus interface converter/bridge to SPI that I'll implement at the FPGA in order to convert the FALC56... Show More
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Hey, We are building modular car with steer by wire technology in it. Upon calculations, we figure out the Torque and Power values for motors in Steer... Show More
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hello i would like to ask if infineon has an apparatus for entangled spintronic qubits. thanks very much.

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Hi I have a proyect that needs to be Automate using .dp Vision software, is there a way to do the programing using a script to make it faster.There is... Show More
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Dear supporter, I would like to translate the following KBA. Could you confirm? Changed definition for the specification of tBIT(Bus) and tBIT(RxD) in TLE9371VSJ (infineon.com)... Show More
Other Technologies General
Hello InfineonHere am with TLE9471 board and am trying to communicate with it over SPI , as the initial SPI transaction testing am trying to read the ... Show More
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Discussion forum regarding Other Technologies including Power Management and Clocks topics.