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Discussion Forum regarding Clocks topics.

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Hi Infineon, I am trying to port the 81688-100as61ka(CYAT81X) touch screen to my Linux system. I notice that there has a command driver in kernel/driv... Show More
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Hello all, Need help on TLE9255W configuration part for Baud rate and DLC, In datasheet, description  it is mentioned that it can support upto 5Mbps b... Show More
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I 've try Optiga trust M example from https://github.com/Infineon/getstarted-optiga-trust-m, it is no problem.But when I create new project and includ... Show More
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Unfortunately, I have changed the RAMIN section (in PROCONRAM) from 0 (Init Ram after any POR) into 3 (Don't init RAM after POR).Now, I can connect my... Show More
Hello , Please provide the Reliability (JEDEC) and FIT data of the following devices (CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR): CY25811SXIT, CY25811SXCT Regards; Luis   Show More
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Hi, I'm using ISO1H816G to isolate the output from the MCU side, but I also need some PWM output. Whether ISO1H816G able to generate PWM output? Show More
Why might the output be inverted? A board using CY2308SXI-1 seems to be inverting the output on bypass mode (S2=1; S1 =0). But according to the data s... Show More
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the product SAE800G  is last time to buy, I need to replace this component with alternative, could provide other component like to like, i use for the... Show More
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CY37256P160-100AI --- can you please let us know the EOL date for this part

Other Technologies General
Is the SMBTA56 Halogen free?  Can not find any data showing it is or is not?  The DC prefix should indicate, but the "G" referenced indicates "it mayb... Show More
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