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Hi, Please send the fit rate for the parts below. 1. TLS850F0TAV332. TLE7272-23. IPD90N04S4-054. IPD80P03P4L-075. BTN9990LV6. BTS4140N Thank you!! Show More
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Is the calibrated / compenstated pressure output supposed to correct for ambient temperature changing? the scaled raw temp value is featured in the eq... Show More
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Hi,Their products(https://www.bosch-sensortec.com/news/accurate-indoor-localization-can-save-thousands-of-lives-enabled-by-pressures-sensing-solution.html... Show More
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Hi, I tried using the ISO15693 command 0x20 to read the block, but it was unsuccessful. I saw the other post it supposed to support the command set. I... Show More
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Please provide SGS report of ESD251-B1-W0201

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I have laser sensor. I want to detect pulse signals below 10ns with MCU. What criteria are important for the MCU to detect this signal? e.g Instructio... Show More
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We have to fix an issue with SLM97CFX1M00PE chip


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Dear Sir,   DPS368 as datasheet discription, it can detect the temperature, right? thanks.   The DPS368 is a miniaturized DigitalBarometric Air Pressu... Show More
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Bitte um Ihre RoHS Konformitätserklärung zu Cypress_WSON-8L_5x6mm, Markingcode FL064LAF01

Danke im Voraus


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Cypress CLDs
Can anyone please provide me with the BSDL file for the Cypress CPLD CY37512P208-83NI. I really need to JTAG program this part and have a STAPL file b... Show More
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