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Welcome to XMC Hands On Training on
EtherCAT DAVE4 apps Getting Started with XMC4800 relax kit

Explore this hands on training which is created using the DAVE4 EtherCAT apps which offer convenience to software development.


This training shall guide you on how to create an EtherCAT slave using the XMC4800 relax kit and DAVE4 apps. It provides the instructions on how to do the memory mapping of the EtherCAT Salve and also to integrate the Slave Stack Code into the DAVE4 project.

Lastly we shall make use of the EtherCAT Master (TwinCAT2) to control the ON/OFF of the LEDs and monitor the buttons of the XMC4800 relax kit.

Please download the zip file "HOT_XMC48_ECAT_GettingStarted Dave4.zip" which contains the following
- Power point slides which describe the project system implementation and XMC configurations that can be found in the Document folder.
- A working example project to be import into DAVE4 which can be found in the DAVE4 project folder.
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