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First like received
Security protection for original products (eg. battery, printer cartridges, game controllers etc) has always been a key concern to many companies which affects their overall sales. So how can we implementation a total solution to our end customer with XMC1000?


For example to protect a battery pack, we can piggy back an Infineon ORIGA and interlink with a XMC1100 MCU via the SWI (Single Wire Interface) which is embedded on the charger side. Then an authentication using the challenge and response method is performed by both parties. If the authentication PASS, which means the battery is recognized as an original product and charging can be enabled by the XMC1100.

To realize this solution, the XMC1100 is programmed with the ORIGA library which includes the authentication algorithm and SWI protocol. Other peripherals such as the UART, GPIO, ADC etc. can be activated for specific requirement.

How the authentication works
The ORIGA authentication password (Secret key, public key etc) makes use of a special high security algorithm, which makes breaking the authentication almost impossible.


Making use of the XMC1100 Pseudo Random number generator, a “Challenge value” and “Check value” is generated on the host side. The “Challenge value” is send to ORIGA, which will replied to the host with a “Response value”.
Eventually the host will compare the “Check value” with the “Response value”. If both values match which means authentication is successful.

The Demo
The demo kit consists of the XMC1200 and ORIGA Board. (For demo purposes we are using the XMC1200 instead of XMC1100). The UART connection is done with the SEGGER J Link using the USB connection to the PC.


Using a Docklight software. A command is used to trigger a search for ORIGA ID. If a valid ORIGA is found on the SWI bus, the Vendor and Product ID will be read by XMC1200 and send it to the PC screen.


Once the host has identified an ORIGA on the SWI bus, it can then proceed to do an authentication. The X and Z are encrypted response value from ORIGA, which will be decrypted and compared with the check value by the XMC1200. Therefore authentication PASS status shall be issued if both the check and response value are the same.

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