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Human Centric Lighting as a Real-Life Example of Smart Lighting

Date: May 23, 2016

Time: 10 AM EDT (7 AM PDT)

Duration: 1 hour


This presentation covers the fundamentals of human-centric lighting, its motivation and benefits, as well as technology required to realize a human-centric lighting system. In particular, this presentation will explain one typical use case and an implementation using XMC Industrial Microcontroller and OptiMOS MOSFETs from Infineon, as well as 5630 LEDs LM561B+ from Samsung and CY8CKIT-142 PSoC 4 BLE modules from Cypress, supplied by EBV. Discussion will also include an overview of current HCL research findings, including studies commissioned by Germany's ZVEI German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Assoc. and A.T. Kearney for LightingEurope.

Attendees will also learn the value of the software in these types of system, as well as benefits of DAVE™ IDE and DAVE™ Apps in realizing software for human-centric lighting.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn the potential of smart-lighting systems and its potential role in smart cities of future
  • Get an overview of benefits of human-centric lighting
  • Find out how to implement a human-centric lighting system using XMC microcontrollers and other components provided by Infineon and EBV


  • Ivan Dobes, XMC Application Engineering and Marketing Manager, Infineon Technologie
  • Sebastian Huelck, Director Segment Lighting, EBV Elektronik

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