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Hi there, is there an universal ESD protection diode available to cover all kind of application? Would ease protection a lot....
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Hi, in principle you could use a high end low capacitance and bi-directional TVS diodes in every ESD protection socket.
However, the disadvantage is you would not get the best ESD protection performance in your application.
There are several Parameters which should be considered to identify the best possible Protection AND best possible System Performance at the same time.
For example, the right TVS diode should be selected for capacitance which can be handled in the link and according the maximum wanted signal voltage.
According a rule of thumb low speed application can handle a higher TVS capacitance.
Signals showing a positive and a negative voltage swing requires bi-directional diodes, other application can work with unidirectional TVS diodes.
Following this decision matrix, you will find the tailored ESD diode showing the lowest clamping voltage (residual ESD stress for the IC).