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I am using ESR1 pin as Reset Trigger input in Aurix TC277 connected with Control pin of external Safety/watchdog controller(CIC)

Whenever the CIC controller finds some fault with AURIX, it will move to Tripping state setting the control pins as configured

Control pins of CIC are configured in such a way that we get a high to low transition and low to high transition(forming a dip/low pulse for about 1.4ms)

I expect system reset of AURIX when ESR1 pin gets the falling edge which is not happening for me inspite of registers configurations referred from working project

This is my below ESR1 configuration

SCU_RSTCON.B.ESR1 = 1; /* No RESET of the TC2xx shall be triggered when the ESR0 is asserted under SW control */
SCU_ESRCFG1.B.EDCON = 2; /* No trigger is generated */
SCU_IOCR.B.PC1 = 0; /* ESR0 Push-pull General-purpose Input */

ESR1 pin measurement is attached

Kindly provide some clues for investigating the problem

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