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I am using TDA5235 receiver in my project.
My PCB is overheating due to other features/components.

I was to use temperature sensor integrated inside TDA5235.
Is it possible?
How accurate it is?

Are values of temperature stored inside some registers?
Can I read using SPI & do post processing of the temperature data?

Please let me know

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In front of the AD converter there is a multiplexer so that also temperature and VDDD can be measured. You may use it for measuring temperature of the chip estimating temperature on PCB. You should give it a try.
Accuracy is defined in datasheet, please see attached Picture:

Registers: The default value of the ADC-MUX is RSSI (register ADCINSEL: 000 for RSSI; 001 for Temperature; 010 for VDDD/2). Please refer to the datasheet's chapter Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). Readout of the 10-bit ADC has to be done via ADCRESH register (the lower 2 bits in ADCRESL register can be inconsistent and should not be used).