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hai to infineon,

1. How you people are finding the different vendor flashing architectures.means for to flash the code into flash memory different vendors uses there own process,
so that process how you are finding through debugger
Why i am asking this question means,Your debugger XMC1100 is flahing XMC1100 controller,And one of the ATMEL SAM controller,So how you are finding here, there ATMEL flashing architecture,
through debugger,on what base your finding and flashing.

So for this, i need a way to find different vendor flashing architectures.how we can find,And how we can flash. i need a process for to find flashing architecture of different vendor using SWD protocol.

2. when i am flashing code/data into a flash memory,after that there is more space available in flash memory,So that space, i want to use for to store my personal information is it possible or not.
if possible tell me the process.

i have an urgent need please inform me..as much as possible.

Thanks & Regards
Embedded Software Developer.
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