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Dear Infineon Team,
I got a little Problem running a BLDC with the Shield for Arduino.
According to the User Manual i removed R36, R37, R38 and soldered R18, R19, R20, R21, R22, R23, R25, R26, R27 assuming they are all 0 Ohms as there is no value given.
The motor is a normal 3-Phase Hall BLDC and has 20 Magnets and 18 stator coils. I tried both values with a reverence RPM of 6500 but the results are always a loud vibrating motor.
Even lowered the OpenLoopDelay to 50 but this results only in higher frequency vibrating.
Did i miss something?

The Manual says:
"2.6 Operation modes
This Arduino shield can be used for both sensorless control and sensor based control. For different operation
modes some resistors need to be removed/placed. All required solder places are reserved on the PCB board.
1. Hall — Sensor based control
In order to enable motor control with hall-sensor(s) the connector J1 is provided to connect the signal to
the XMC/Arduino. For this control mode, R18/R19/R20/R21/R22/R23/R25/R26/R27 have to be placed and
R36/R37/R38 should be removed."
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