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We are looking for an MCU and its evaluation board that can be used for research and development of network device.
The MCU must be an MCU with a built-in 2-channel Ethernet control circuits.
And those Ethernet control circuits must meet the following conditions.

1) Receive all frames

The 2ch built-in Ethernet circuits should not receive only the unique MAC address assigned to each channel.
Instead, those circuits must be able to receive Ethernet frames addressed to all MAC addresses.
And those received frames need to be able to be processed by the software.

2) Spoofing transmission

The 2ch built-in Ethernet circuits should not send Ethernet frames with the unique MAC address assigned to each as the source address.
Instead, those circuits need to be able to set any address as the source MAC address of the Ethernet frame they send.
That is, one network device must impersonate multiple independent network devices with arbitrary MAC addresses.

3) Interrupt during reception

When receiving an Ethernet frame, it is necessary to generate a receive interrupt before receiving the end of the frame.
For example, a receive interrupt must be generated when the Ehernet header is received, and the software must be able to perform data processing in response to the interrupt.
Furthermore, as a more desirable specification, it would be nice if an interrupt could be generated when an arbitrary size was received from the beginning of the frame.

Could you introduce an MCU with a built-in 2ch Etehrnet control circuits that meets the above three conditions and an evaluation board equipped with it?

Currently, we are considering the adoption of the evaluation board "KIT_A2G_TC377_SEC_GTW" equipped with "AURIX TC377TX".
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