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Dear Cypress support.

Is it possible to have a similar guide as AN218664 for the s28hl512t instead?

I'm trying to replace the mx25lm51245G  with s28hl512t for a project using stm32h735 MCU. 

I got the SDR working but the flash wont accept the double command for the DDR mode, this can be a fault in my implementation of the hal code running on the stm32h7.

The LLR code given by you only state the single commands in the .h file. In the data sheet the DDR commands seems to just be 2 bytes of the SDR commands. 

The macronix uses 2 CFR registers where as for the s28hl512t there is used 5. 

can you explain how this could affect my implentation, when trying to modify the mx25lm51245G  driver due to the need for a external loader file for the stmcubeprogrammer?


Best regards Casper

1 Solution

Hello Casper,

Cypress' Ecosystems expert has responded with the following recommendation :


The SEMPER Flash are not yet qualified by ST. This apply both for SEMPER with Octa SPI and SEMPER with HyperBus.

However, our Hyper devices are qualified by ST, i.e. our HyperRAM and HyperFlash


ST Octa SPI Memory Controllers are able to support both Octa SPI Flash and HyperFlash/RAM.

  • As thus I recommend to LS Controls they use our S26KL512SDA 512Mb 3V HyperFlash instead


 Hope this helps...


Best regards,


Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

An Infineon Technologies Company

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