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Nor Flash
I think this product can be used with x1SPI and x8SPI specifications, but is it correct to say that it cannot be used with QSPI?Also, in case of using... Show More
Nor Flash
When the power was turned on, "INVALID PARAMETER" was issued, and the parameters that should have been written at the time of shipping inspection were... Show More
Nor Flash

What is the default SecSi Sector Factory Lock value for this device. 

Nor Flash
Hi Dear Authorized,   I am trying to use HyperFLASH over FlexSPI Interface over HyperBUS and some errors occured during test on my custom board which ... Show More
Nor Flash
I am looking to confirm a datecode on S29GL512P10TFIR10, i have attached an image and wondered if you could help I believe the date code format is  th... Show More
Nor Flash

Is it possible to use the SG29GL01GS part with 1.8V logic?  Is a specific part number extension required?

Nor Flash
i am getting error in address. it is not reading address in correct address format. my base address is 60000000+555, but it reading as 0000554 and 000... Show More
Nor Flash
Hello,    I am using S25FL064L NAND with c6748 TI processor. I have connectedCS to CS_c6748SO  to  MISOWP not connectedVSS to groundVCC to 3.3VReset n... Show More
Nor Flash
Hello, I am using S25FS512SAGNFI011 Nor Flash for the FPGA Arria 10 configuration. I generated .jic file from .sof file as described in the document A... Show More
Nor Flash
While attempting to flash data onto the memory, we have encountered persistent problems with memory corruption and functionality. Specifically, we hav... Show More
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The NOR Flash Memory forum discusses critical safety features for automotive and industrial systems, and Semper NOR Flash Memory with ASIL-B compliant and ASIL-D-ready.