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Nor Flash
Hi         By default in   There is no option to set DUAL SDR (1s-2s-2s)configuration in S25HS01GT model. Could you please tell me  how to configure D... Show More
Nor Flash
Dear Team I am using Parallel NOR Flash memory part : S70GL02GS12FHIV20 in our application. we are doing the sector erase before writing a data. Below... Show More
Nor Flash
I like to adapt the above device on AN229767 to configure a Intel Cylcone 10-GX FPGA. In table 30, page 59 a list of registers is given. I am missing ... Show More
Nor Flash
Hello friend I am using S25FL256L QSPI flash on an Intel Tornado VE FPGA and have scripted for flash programming via JTAG mode in Quartus Programmer. ... Show More
Nor Flash
Hi, I bought Nor Flash (S25FL128SAGMFI013) from market which falled under Cypress. However, the body marking is SPANSION. Can help to provide me with ... Show More
Nor Flash
Is there a problem if one sector is being erased while another sector (not being erased) is being Is there any problem if a sector is being erased whi... Show More
Nor Flash
Can you help to check the marking rule for S70GL02GS11FHI010? Which one is correct one for below picture? Show More
Nor Flash
I have a new design that is using the Cyclone 10 GX INTEL FPGA and I found in the IINTEL documentation that the S25FL256S FLASH Memory is directly sup... Show More
Nor Flash
hi sir, we 've just bought S29GL128S90TFI020 from franchise channel,but found out having broken wire bond issue, could you pls check help to check if ... Show More
Nor Flash
We are using S25FLS QSPI flash on our board. Some of the ICs are responding on single data line like SPI flash and some ICs are responding on 4 data l... Show More
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The NOR Flash Memory forum discusses critical safety features for automotive and industrial systems, and Semper NOR Flash Memory with ASIL-B compliant and ASIL-D-ready.