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Hello can I get a tds showing which markings on the component is the date code for S29GL512T11DHIV10

Nor Flash
S29GL032A90TFIR40H product, it is old, can you tell me the MSL level?Is it safe to assume that the GL-S series, for example, is MSL3, so is it 3? Show More
Nor Flash
Dear Temas, Our customer asked the output setup time specification in S25FL128SAGMFIR13. I have checked the datasheet, it only has the input setup tim... Show More
Nor Flash
Hi, Our customer is looking for a successor to S29PL127J60TFI130. But there is not writtern the explanation of Model Number 13 in the datasheet. What ... Show More
Nor Flash
Hello,I have an older product that uses the S25FL512SAGMFVR0.VCC=3.3V and VIO=2.5V. VCC and VIO ramp at the same time. I have now seen failures with ... Show More
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Request you to provide me with the schematics and IBIS  for Part No. S29JL064J70TF100

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Hi, I didn't find any data sheet for the CB867 80050 NOR flash chip. 8pins on each side.  What pins do I have to short to reset/erase the memory?  Tha... Show More
Nor Flash
HI, We would like to confirm something about the S28HL256T page program.   We would like to check the conditions for Typ and Max values for tPP in S28... Show More
Nor Flash
Would you be able to provide the floor life of the parts or the amount oftime we have to do the inspection before a bake out is required for P/N S25FS... Show More
Nor Flash
Thermal data
solved msg Solved
please provide the maximum operating junction temperature and junction to ambient ,board,case Resistance for S29GL512T10TFI020 Show More
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