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Do you need third party programmer support? Infineon works with the major global (Americas, Europe, Asia and Japan) providers of data and programming solutions to qualify our Flash memory devices on their programmers.

Our partners gain early access to our products and are provided dedicated support to ensure reliable programming of the devices.

The Flash product family devices supported by our partners are as follows:

  1. Parallel NOR family’s: The GL-S (65nm) and GL-T (45nn), Older Parallel NOR family's such as GL-P, PL-J, AL-J and AS-J are supported, but you will need go to Programmer website for details.
  2. SPI NOR family’s the FL-S (3.0V) and FS-S (1.8V) 65nm Mirrorbit.  The FL-L (3.0V) 65ns Floating gate Flash
  3. HyperFlash family’s KL-S (3.0V) and KS-S (1.8V)
  4. Semper Flash Family’s Mirrorbit technology at 45nm

                           a) Quad SPI S25HL-T (3.0V) and S25HS-T (1.8V)

                           b) Octal Interface S28HL-T (3.0V) and S28HS-T (1.8V)

                           c) HyperBus Interface S26HL-T (3.0V) and S26HS-T (1.8V)

By going to a third party programmer website device search, you can find details of support for Infineon products on the Manufacturing Part Number (MPN) level.

For more information on Programmer System Partners, please click on the URL below:

https://www.cypress.com/products/device-programmer-system-partners (click Flash Memories)

If you don’t find a particular programmer vendor support, please connect with us so we can work with you to find the right programmer solution.

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