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Nor Flash

New Contributor


I'm using the Texas Instruments TCM320C6748 DSP with the EMIF interface to communicate with the S29AL016J NOR flash.

The point is that when i erase a sector, then go into a while loop checking DQ7# until it goes high the sector gets properly erased.

But when i erase a sector, then do some other tasks with the DSP without checking the DQ7#...if (after a few seconds) i check the sector (by reading) i realize that some address are not properly erased and keeps the value previous to the erasing command. And even some times it seems to be properly erased but when writing there the DQ5# goes high saying the program operation have failed.

I can't find the problema and i'm quite confused, do you have any clue? Does it is mandatory to check DQ[7:0]# always after erasing?

If you need more information about whatever just tell me.

Thanks in advance,


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