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Linux/U-Boot is commonly used in many embedded system projects for automotive, industrial, and IoT. Linux/U-Boot has a subsystem for Flash memory devices called Memory Technology Devices (MTD) which enables user applications to use the same API for different Flash types and technologies.

   As of today, the following SPI NOR Flash devices are supported in upstream Linux/U-Boot MTD:

  • S25FL128S
  • S25FL256S
  • S25FL512S
  • S25FS512S
  • S25FL064L
  • S25FL128L
  • S25FL256L (Linux)

       In addition, the following devices are under review or already accepted by upstream maintainers:

  • S25FS128S (Linux) – Accepted
  • S25FS256S (Linux) – Accepted
  • S25FL256L (U-Boot) – Under Review
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