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They are going to use WBP(Write Buffer Program) for each of 00h, 04h, 10h, 14h, 1Ch from the beginning of the sector.


For 32 bytes from 00h to 1Fh from the beginning of the sector, If power shutdown occurs during WBP, please tell me whether Flash's 00h ~ 1Fh data will be updated or not. The customer is asking for cases like the one below

【Case 1】

When power is shutdown immediately before Program Buffer to Flash (SA 29)

Is it ok to think that the data of 00h to 1Fh is not updated, and it is remaining as FFh? It is correct assuming?

【Case 2】

If the power is shutdown while Program Buffer to Flash (SA 29) is running or immediately after operation,
Which part of the data are updated from 00h to 1Fh?
If only a part of the data is updated, is the data on the 00h side updated and the data on the 1F
side has not been updated?
Or will all data from 00h to 1Fh be updated?

Best RegardsArai

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Hello Arai San,

Please refer the KBA from the link given below which explains what happens when there is power failure during write operation and how to recover from it..

Recover Flash Devices when Power Failure or Reset Happens During a Program or Erase Operation - KBA2...