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Non Volatile RAM (F-RAM & NVSRAM)

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The datasheet for the CY14B256LA mentions 20-year data retention. Other nvSRAM products list 100 years. Is that 20 years from the most recent store operation, or 20 years total over the life of the chip?


Is there any way of reading the option status from the chip?


If AutoStore is disabled, does disabling it again count as a write as far as the life of the chip goes? For example, if the device containing the chip automatically disables AutoStore every time it turns on, does each disable operation contribute to "wearing out" the chip by eating into the 1,000,000 store count?


Does disabling AutoStore set the chip's "dirty bit" thus causing a store when /HSB is asserted?


If the dirty bit is set, are ALL bytes stored when /HSB is asserted, or only those bytes whose SRAM value differs from its stored value?


Thank you.

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