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Motor Control ICs Forum Discussions

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Motor Control ICs
Hello Infineon Community, We Require registers details of TLE905DQU board,  we've gone through the device data sheet of the board but we didn't find a... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hi, I'm new and I have this problem where if ai try to combine the files in MCEWizard it is all gray and dose't let me click anything, is there someth... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hello everyone, I am having  problems related to sensing current and controling current limits using a induction Motor. This post is related to my pre... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hi guys, I try to control DC motor manually (no PC) can you help?
Motor Control ICs
Hi, I am evaluating the REF-MHA50WIMI111T board and I am attempting to use an low cost off the shelf isolated USB to TTL interface to connect to the t... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hi there, We use the IMC101 for motor control where the DC link is supplied by a 3ph diode rectifier. Thus the DC link voltage ripple is 6 times the ... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hello. I am using the iMotion Solution Designer. The pfc is also in use. 370v is the target voltage.Speed control is used to operate the motor.The cur... Show More
Motor Control ICs
  i want to change motor rampup speed,as the picture bellow,PMSM_FOC_INPUT.ref_speed  rampup time is 110ms but the PMSM_FOC_OUTPUT.rotor_speed can not... Show More
Motor Control ICs
I am trying to implement UART FIFO Mode protocol implementation in IMD111T-F040 Microcontroller. I taken the this pdf as reference(Infineon-AN2021-10_... Show More
Motor Control ICs
TLE92108-232Q has eight half bridges and enough PWM control, but it is classified as a brushless drive. I would like to know the basis for our classif... Show More
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Motor Control ICs

This forum discusses topics on Motor Control ICs - iMOTION™, MOTIX™, MADK etc.