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Motor Control ICs Forum Discussions

Motor Control ICs
In Infineon's page there has a solution about about Electric parking brake. I have a question about whether this  solution can satisfy VDA's(Verband d... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hello! IMC102T datasheet states that it can controll totem-pole PFC. Are there any examples of using TP PFC? I can not find it in design software. Onl... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hi Infineon's friends: Attached is the schematic diagram of our TLE9183. I would like to ask you to help review the following to see if there are any ... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hi everyone, I am conducting some tests with an IMC301, and it's a bit challenging to create scripts for the internal MCE since I can't find all the f... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Dear Sir or Madam. I plan to have a TLE94112 HAT on a Raspberry Pi 4 B, but when I try to install the MultiHalfBridge library ( Show More
Motor Control ICs
solved msg Solved

can we use Segger J-Link Debugger for other than Infineon uC , family , if yes please share connection diagram, 

Motor Control ICs
Hi, Input capacitor (DCLINK) calculation for single phase motor bridge ( I stumbled upon this application note, which is very well writte... Show More
Motor Control ICs
我使用新的软件ISD监控motorVolate,发现这个变量的值是以百分比的形式实现的。我不太会计算这个值,请问这个值是怎么来的呢?比如我的母线电压是310V,假如motorvolate是30%,那么是表示310*30% = 93V,那么电机电压是93V吗?请问一下这个具体怎么计算的呢?手册中的公式... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hello, I wanted to understand which all types of hall sensors are compatible with the IMC301a IC. I am trying to use ABI encoders and I am wondering i... Show More
Motor Control ICs
ISD平台下 选用IMC102T-64PIN 芯片开发的工程,跑长运时,驱动报CPU execution fault 故障后,不能发清除指令清除,必须给芯片断电后重新上电复位才能清除CPU execution fault 故障。 问题:1、 确定CPU execution fault 故障是不能通过... Show More
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Motor Control ICs

This forum discusses topics on Motor Control ICs - iMOTION™, MOTIX™, MADK etc.