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Dear infineon engineers,
I bought IRMCK099 Eva board and IRCable V2 Debug Tools.
It works perfectly except UART port.
I download .bin file to RAM through JTAG port on MCEDesigner, and I can access registers to read and write values.
However, when I switch the connection to UART port, MCEDesigner shows "COMx inactive, all access is denied".
I do plug PC USB cable to "USB-UART", and the UART output port is connected to the main board. it works on JTAG, but not UART.
Since I cannot access MCEDesigner, I try to use MCEProgrammer.
I use MCEProgrammer to download .bin file to SRAM and I do see some signals transmit to the main board Rx pin.
However, the main board Tx pin never reply back to my computer, so communication fails.

Should I configure GPIO on the main board or is there any settings I skip?
I am looking forward to hearing from you. Appreciate.

Best regards
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Please refer to the User's Manual

The driver CP2102 driver has to be installed on your PC. Please check via Hardware Manager whether there is an COM port available once you have started MCE GUI.
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Hi Berbra,
I did install CP2102 driver on my PC and the Device Manager shows the UART COM port is working properly.
I also check the baud rate. It is 57600bps.
On MCEDesigner, I connect to the UART COM port and set the baud rate to 57600 bps.
However, MCEDesigner shows "COMx inactive, all access is denied".
Also, I try to send command to IRMCK099 controller board through my PC, but IRMCK099 didn't listen to my command.
I follow the instructions, but it doesn't work.
Please advise. Thanks!