Tip of the day: Cannot change parameters using µC/Probe™ XMC™ GUI (iMotion™ MADK)


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You bought one of the iMotion™ MADK kits based on XMC™ control card.
You have installed all necessary software and downloaded the firmware successfully.
Now you have started the µC/Probe™ XMC™ GUI correctly. But you cannot change the parameters given in the tab "PMSM_FOC_Parameters" or "Motor Tuning" even you confirm the input with "Enter".

Tip of the day:
This problem is caused by the Java cache.
Please make sure that you have the latest version of Java.
Then please delete the Java cache (Control Panel >> Java >> General >> Temporary Internet Files - Settings... >> Delete Files...).
Afterwards please reopen the µC/Probe™ XMC™ GUI and you will be able to change the parameters.

Best regards
Luxun Liu

Infineon iMOTION™ MADK support team
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