Infineon IMM101T high-speed inverter hair dryer solution


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This solution uses the Infineon motion control chip IMM101T to drive the motor. Through precise control algorithms, the motor can reach a high speed of more than 100,000 revolutions, which has the advantages of high efficiency and low noise. The chip has a built-in controller, driver and power device, which is highly integrated and simplifies external devices to the greatest extent, which not only enhances the anti-interference ability of the system but also reduces the cost.

The IMM101T chip already contains the MCE motor control algorithm firmware. By setting the parameters of the motor and hardware, the motor can run quickly and smoothly, which greatly shortens the development cycle.

Infineon IMM101T high-speed variable frequency hair dryer solution -- block diagram.


Main parameters and features:

· Control method: non-inductive FOC

· Current sampling: single resistor

· Working voltage: 220V AC

· Output power: 120W

· Modulation frequency: 20KHz

· Motor speed: 120000RPM @ 1 pair of poles

Protection function: short circuit, overcurrent, undervoltage, overvoltage, overheating, locked rotor, phase loss protection

Main advantages:

· IMM101T is highly integrated, which can greatly reduce the PCB area;

· It is easy for designers to get started, the development cycle is short, and the products can be put into the market quickly.

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