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I am using EVAL-M3-102T & EVAL-M3-IM564 to spin motors. I want to start using configurable UART communication but I need to implement the right CRC otherwise sent messages will not be received.

Below are a few questions which I believe answers to them will help with the CRC problem at hand:

1a. Can this (implementing CRC-8-CCITT) currently be done on IMC102T with predefined functions and how?

1b. Is there a CRC calculator on the IMC102T?

2a. If the answer to question 1 is No, can I use scripting?

2b. Can you share a code to achieve this in scripting? *no need to reinvent the wheel here*

2c. I know one can use a bunch of if statements and for loops but can I write and call functions in script?

2d. Can tables and pointers be declared in the script?

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