IRMCK099M custom GPIO functions


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we bought the evaluation board EVALM1099MTOBO1 with IRMCK099M a couple of days ago and could run the motor perfectly.

We would like to use this MCIC for our sensorless application since it is very simple to use and doesn't need more than programming the OTP once the motor configuration is done.
For our application, we would also need to program one of the not-used GPIOs as feedback outputs to drive a LED that indicates some fault states of the motor
(for example: off with no faults, on when rotor is locked, blinking when thermal shutdown is on).

From the application guide I read there are some "free" GPIO pins (for example OUT1 and OUT3), whose functions depend of the provided FW.

Question: how can we manage those pins to run the above function?
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The page 61 of Application Guide describes the OUT1 and OUT3 (see below). The register value from 0 to 7 corresponds each bit value of OUT1 (LSB), OUT2 (bit position 1) and OUT3 (bit position 2). Value “1” to turn on OUT1 and “0” to turn off OUT1 and OUT3, while value “4” to turn on OUT3.

Please be aware that in order to control those three outputs, in your system, you need a master controller communicating with IRMCK099 through UART command.

Best regards
Luxun Liu
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Where can I find the IRCK099 application guide?
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Hello Matteo:
We bought the Eval_M1_99M and Eval_M1_36_84A.
We also downloaded and installed all the necessary SW. When I start the XMC_flasher , it said "Please first connect an emulator". I followed what the MADK instruction exactly in selecting the XMC1302-0200, but still can't get the Flasher to connect.
I don't see a selection for the IRMCK099.
How do you get it to work so easily?
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Hi all,
I still have problem on IRMCK099 GPIO pins.
I write "5" into OUT1_3_value .
GPIO1 and GPIO3 should be turned on, but only GPIO1 is turned on which means only GPIO1 follow my command.
No matter I write "4" or "5" into OUT1_3_value, GPIO3 doesn't follow my command.
I do follow the instructions and I try to either left GPIO3 floating or pull high to 3.3V, but both of them don't work.
Can anyone answer my questions?
1. Is anything I did wrong on GPIO pins?
2. Is there any register that I can set GPIO pins' direction such as GPIO1 as IN1 (input1)?
Please advise. Thanks.