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Hello everyone,

I am using a IMM101T and I am controlling it via UART.
It is working, but there is a part of the communication that is not working as stated in the datasheet.

here you can see the Tx and Rx seen from a logic analyzer.

You can see that it a simple "read status of faults", and that both checksums are correct. the IMM is signaling a 0x09 as fault flags. and everything is fine until there.

But: the second byte of the reply should be 0x80 (or more general second byte of Tx with first bit to 1) and I see a 0x3f.
This byte is always 3f even for other commands.

I think it is an issue with my configuration so I am attaching it .

What should I do? Ignore that part of the datasheet? or do i have mis-configured something?
Kind regards
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