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I am using the IFX9201SG in a transformer driver circuit. The primary coil has inductance of 220uH and RDC of 0.08 Ohm. At the moment I'm testing it with no load, so we can ignore the secondary current.
I have a switch(jumper) that connects the primary coil to the driver, and I'm measuring the voltage there. It all looks good, full swing, at the frequency of 14kHz and VS of 24V.

The moment I close the switch, the driver shuts down. I need to reopen the switch and reset the supply voltage to see the output again. So, for some reason, the IFX9201SG doesn't want to drive my transformer.

In the datasheet, the only feature that causes the shutdown and needs to reset later on is the schort-circuit detection, when the Isc goes above 8A. Since I have load of 0.08Ohm/ 220uH in series, I don't expect current that high. Is there another way of preventing this shutdown?

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Thanks very much for choosing IFX product. Unfortunately IFX9201SG doesn't belong to NovalithIC/TrilithIC family.
Maybe you can try Infineon online support: