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  • What is NovalithIC?
    NovalithIC contains three separate chips in one package: One p-channel highside MOSFET and one n-channel lowside MOSFET together with a driver IC, forming an integrated high
    current half-bridge. It can be used as an interface between microcontroller and motor.

  • Which protection and diagnosis features does NovalithIC provide?
    The device provides current sense, slew rate adjustment, dead time generation and the protection against overtemperature, under voltage, undervoltage, short circuit and overcurrent. Please look into the datasheet to find more detailed information for the product.

  • What benefits can I get by using NovalithIC in my applications ?

    • Less PCB area --> Cost reduction
    • Less numbers of pick and place --> Cost reduction
    • Minimized output voltage drop below GND --> Ease of use
    • Protection features --> Ease of use
    • Integrated current sense feature --> Cost reduction
    • No charge pump --> better EMC performance

  • Can NovalithIC be used in safety related application?
    NovalithIC is not ASIL qualified. But it is possible to make a functional safety qualification based on the field data(FITs) to meet the safety requirement of the applications on system level.

  • How accurate is the current sense feature?
    Both current sense ratio(KILIS) and differential current sense ratio(dkILIS) are specified in our datasheet. Without calibration current sense accuracy could achieve ±28%. It can be significantly improved by using compensation and calibration methods. With offset compensation, the accuracy could achieve ±10%. It is even possible to achieve ±3% with temperature calibration.

  • Is it possible to use NovalithIC in 24V applications?
    Yes, NovalithIC can be used in 24V applications with drifted parameters. The normal operation voltage is specified from 8V to 18V. It can be extended to 40V. But all parameters in our datasheet are specified in normal operation voltage range.
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