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Hi sir, I am trying to find a suitable solution for heating and cooling of a special part of my circuit. For that, I have chosen a Peltier element and would like to use an Double BTS7960 43A H-Bridge motor driver module with a PWM Control. This H bridge  module suitable for the regulation of the Peltier element polarity changes?


The Peltier technology

Heating and cooling in a single system: If a voltage is placed across a Peltier element, one side is cooled and the opposite side simultaneously heats up. Simply by reversing the polarity of the supply voltage, the hot and cold sides of the Peltier element can be swapped.

peltier volt: 12v to 18v

peltier load current: 15Amps

I’ve attached the datasheet of this BTS7960 43A H-Bridge module.

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Hi @Kumar ,

Unfortunately, the BTS7960 single half-bridge IC is an obsolete product and the replacement for this product is BTN8982TA.

You may find the datasheet of BTN8982TA in the following link:

Please have a look at the application example on Page 22 of the document.
Though the application is for motor control, you may use a similar configuration for your application.

Please note that the application example is meant to provide a basic understanding and it is not recommended to use the exact circuit design.   Please design your circuit based on the required application.

Best Regards

Sahil Kumar