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ModusToolbox™ v3.2 is now available for installation using the new ModusToolbox™ Setup program.  ModusToolbox™ provides an adaptable work environment with options for various IDEs, command-line tools with GUI options, and a make-based build system. 


ModusToolbox™ v3.2 introduces the following new features:

  • New installation process, providing easy access to the core tools and management of optional feature packs.
  • The bundled Eclipse IDE for ModusToolbox™ has been updated to leverage Eclipse Platform v4.28, bringing modern OS features and support for Modus-Shell integration in Windows 11.
  • Intellisense support has been improved within the Eclipse IDE for ModusToolbox™.
  • The underlying ModusToolbox™ build system has been enhanced to improve the overall build performance, by caching project discoverability and build command preprocessing.
  • Updated ModusToolbox™ Configurators and Middleware libraries with improved support for 5th Generation CAPSENSE™ devices.
  • Usability improvements within the BSP Assistant and Smart I/O tools, providing easier access to key documentation and workflows.


The ModusToolbox™ ecosystem now includes the ModusToolbox™ Setup program (v1.0).  This installation tool is the recommended way to install ModusToolbox™ including additional patches and packs. 

This setup program is an online installation utility that requires an active internet connection.  If you need to download and install ModusToolbox™ in an offline fashion, please refer to the ModusToolbox™ Offline Installation page for details.


Refer to the Release Notes for specific details on the latest product enhancements.

To learn more and download today, visit the ModusToolbox software product page.


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Hi @ClarkJarvis ,

Thanks for sharing with the community!

Kind Regards

Arpit Srivastav

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I tried to download on last Friday and "Your download is in progress" were shown

for  several hours and I gave up.


Today I tried the same, and the same message has been displayed about an hour now.

Then, as I peeked my  download folder it seems that the SetupInstallers have been already downloaded.


It woud be very nice if the download window informs us that the download is done,

or even just disappears might be OK, too.


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@MotooTanaka ,

Thank you for the feedback.  I will pass this along to the team responsible for the Infineon Developer Center that hosts the download files for ModusToolbox.