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Hey, I would like use the VS Code Tasks to open the MTB Tool´s. For Example the Lib Manager: in task.json: result: -->the Lib Manager is not startin... Show More
ModusToolbox™ General
After poking around in Modus, the project structure seem very different compared to a WICED Wi-Fi project. What is everyone's experience going from WI... Show More
ModusToolbox™ General
Hi, I created my own PSoC 6 code in empty Application and added the required libraries through Library Manager, I can successfully build and programm ... Show More
ModusToolbox™ General

Is there a way to set the terminal encoding to UTF8 in ModusToolBox?

I'm Linux user

ModusToolbox™ General
Hi, I cannot login in the Infineon Developer Center Launcher with a firewall LAN. Perhaps it is a proxy issue, but there is no proxy setting in the In... Show More
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Dears, I need to copy project from one computer to another. I have Modus Toolbox 3.0 on both computers. same workspace path c:\users\xxx\mtw3\ On both... Show More
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I've the following warnings in the log file. You are in 'detached HEAD' state. You can look around, make experimentalchanges and commit them, and you ... Show More
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The ModusToolbox version I installed is 2.4. There is a problem blow occurred after I launched ModusToolsbox.  Nothing will happen if I create a proj... Show More
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Hello, The instructions on how to install MT seem disconnected from reality. I've tried to install the tool using Launcher. After selecting the MT in ... Show More
ModusToolbox™ General
Dear Sirs and Madams,   We installed ModusToolbox 3.0(MTB 3.0) and created a PSoC4 Empty project, but the Cy_Sislib_Delay API is Undefined and get a b... Show More