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I'm a bit confused about the Cypress policy on ModusToolbox regarding dual core support.

If I understand correctly, v1.0 did support simultaneous debugging of user code running on both M0+ and M4 cores whereas v1.1 does not. I don't see the point in pushing a tool that only supports one of the two PSoC6 cores, it seems like a backward step.

Will ModusToolbox ever support both cores ?

If yes:

When is this likely to be ?

If not:

1. Why not ?

2. What options exist for dual core projects ?



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Dear Dave,

A clear decision on dual core support on Modus will be made in the next 2 weeks and hence the delay in response from our side. There are challenges for dual core support and hence discussions are ongoing on the same.

Once the decision is made, we will get back to you on the same

Thank you for your patience. We will revert soon